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Between the Orders


For a collage-based school project I created a short zine called “Between the Orders”.

I used images from old dictionaries and encyclopedias: 19th and 20th Century etchings and engravings.

The title comes from a piece of text that appeared as I was cutting out paper. It refers to orders of classification in zoology.

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I’m reflecting on the idea of a place in between the classified world and the world of imagination. A space between science and superstition, myth and fact.

Also it’s lots of fun.


There are 18 pages, hand-bound and cheaply photocopied.

Copies are available for $5 at White Rabbit Collective in Brunswick:

Or if anyone’s interested I could send them one.


pew pew.

Charcoal Botanical II

Earlier I mentioned some small drawings of dead cacti that I made before trying the larger one.

These are all about A5 size and drawn using layers of charcoal and fixative, erasing to make lighter tones and adding touches of white pencil at the end to raise up points of light.

I tend to get lost in the details in tiny things: their texture, the folds and scars and craters. Drawing them close up they become like landscapes or creatures.

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Tentacular Spectacular!

I have been painting tentacle after tentacle in ink for another school assignment. We were given the word “Squid” as a starting point to create work during the break. Mainly I’ve used squid as a reference, but there are some octopuses too. I’m not sure where I’m going with this. Perhaps one giant tentacle, a couple of metres tall?

Cephalopods are such fascinating, alien, beautiful/hideous creatures. I’d really like to meet one.

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