Here’s another project from school:

We were given a list of audio tracks without any explanation of their origin and asked to adapt them into a piece (drawing, painting, video – depending on our studio focus).

The audio I chose turned out to be  Eyelash Turned Inwards, by Max Eastley and David Toop.

Here’s the animation I made in response:

The animations repeat in a random order. It is quite jumpy in movement and in editing – time constraints! – but this didn’t matter as much when it was projected onto objects as I intended.

So, responding to that textural, creeping, alien, insectoid sound piece I created these creatures which I imagined moving through a void, whether deep beneath the ocean, underground or in outer space: somewhere dark. To make a setting for them to be observed I set up a little installation a bit like a cabinet of curiosities, or a study/laboratory which was installed in my studio corner where I displayed a collection of objects that related. Skulls, bones, tools, jars (just stuff I had lying around)

Just stuff

Just stuff

You know.

You know.

Household objects

Household objects

The animation was projected onto a stack of books, but I unfortunately didn’t photograph this. Due to a limited number of projectors and security issues with leaving expensive things lying around, the installations couldn’t be left running for long.


I just had to hope no one would steal my rabbit skull or my collection of dead leaves.



On the walls I set up the paper puppets that I used for the animation and added cryptic notations and diagrams. One important part of the audio for me was it’s mysteriousness, so I wanted to keep the diagrams unexplained, as if some knowledge had been lost.

studio10 studio7 studio9  studio12

studio8       studio2


I loved the effect of video projected onto objects. I can imagine doing this on a huge scale, projecting onto library shelves and playing with the relationship between the surfaces and moving lines.



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